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Help Your Middle School Students "Design the Future"

Updated: 2 days ago

Have you ever wanted to try out a new idea or solution? Make your school or community a better place? Explore future options that might fit your strengths and interests?

These are the questions we ask students as part of our new middle school program …Designing the Future.

designing the future curriculum cover

The Designing the Future program actively engages students by integrating career development and authentic learning, especially service-learning. The program includes student journals, a teaching guide, an animated introductory video, and additional online resources. Regional teacher training will also be available.

The purpose of Designing the Future is to help students discover and use their “best stuff” to make a positive difference in their school, community, and world—both now and in the future. It’s about helping young people reflect more deeply about who they are, where they’re headed, and how they can get there. It’s about helping students become “experts and changemakers.”

We want students to be inspired! We want young people to use their voice for the common good by taking action that matters. We want them to create and participate in a spirit of discovery, engagement, collaboration, and empowerment.

Designing the Future actively engages students in a variety of activities that help them:

  • explore the concept of “legacy” and its connection with “designing the future”;

  • develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of their own strengths and the strengths of others;

  • identify school, community, and global needs and issues they care about, and design service-learning projects that help address these concerns;

  • use their “Internal Compass” to explore career opportunities that will help them use their strengths, interests, skills passions, and sense of purpose; and

  • actively contribute to their own evolving legacy and the legacies of their school and community.


If you’d like to learn more about this engaging middle school program, email


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