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I Attended the Summer Institute . . . Now What??? Attend Summer Institute 2023!!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Let’s keep connecting, collaborating, and innovating!

Excited about the programs and ideas you explored at the Summer Institute? Please consider “continuing the journey” through one or more of the opportunities below. These are just a start!

Introduction of “Innovation Playlist” – Explore a terrific online resource for innovation and authentic learning.

Innovation Teams (I-Teams) – special Communities of Practice that will organize around topics of common interest and design their own exploration/projects to support authentic learning and leadership. CEU credit will be available. See additional details and share your team’s work – so many possibilities for creativity and collaboration!

Virtual Visits – Having been at the Summer Institute, is your mind racing with ideas? Take advantage of an opportunity opportunity to see an innovative school and meet their teachers and leaders as part of our “Virtual Visit”. Steve Shapiro, Leader of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement for Bexley City Schools, along with Emmy Beeson, Ellen Erlanger, and Kathy Meyer, served as guides for this special Zoom session;

As a part of this Zoom session, we “traveled” to Eminence Independent Schools (KY) and met with Buddy Berry — amazing! Participants also heard from Eminence teachers and students as they discuss how they are “making learning irresistible.” Click here to see the Virtual Visit in its entirety.

“Engaging Hearts and Minds” – an online workshop (with graduate/CEU credit available) that helps participants explore authentic learning through a series of informative and emotionally engaging films/videos. This 6 session virtual experience is available to districts. Check out details here and email to schedule this workshop at your school.

Quick Resources - plug into thought leaders right now at:

Learning Unboxed” — podcast discussions about the future of education, the need for transformation, positive disruption, and innovation in education -- hosted by Annalies Corbin, President and CEO of the Past Foundation.

“Experience Matters” — podcast interviews about harnessing the power of experiential learning to transform public education — hosted by Steve Shapiro, Leader of Experiential Learning and Community Engagement for Bexley Schools.

“Edutopia” — a resource-rich website supported by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. You’ll find interesting and useful articles, videos, and more.


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