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Making Learning Irresistible!!

Updated: May 18, 2023

“Making Learning Irresistible” is a virtual workshop that focuses on collaborative design for service-learning, project-based learning and other authentic instructional strategies. Want more information about this workshop for your school/district, contact

2 Semester Hours of Ashland Credit are Available

As a result of the Making Learning Irresistible Workshop students develop projects to benefit younger students.

As a result of one of the Making Learning Irresistible Workshop, students develop a project in which their learning benefits younger students and they contribute to the well-being of their community!

At Partnerships, We…

Envision schools where "learning is irresistible" Enhance students’ beliefs that they can become "experts and changemakers" while positively impacting their own lives & the lives of others Connect academics with social/emotional learning and career awareness Engage students through global/local community involvement

Transform leadership practices so that all of this is possible

Questions? Contact . . .


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