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Now What? Staying Connected After the Summer Institute

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Keeping the passion and purpose of authentic learning and leadership alive throughout the school year can be a challenge. That’s why Partnerships is providing several opportunities for educators to stay connected throughout the year.

Innovation Teams (I-Teams)

I-Teams are special Communities of Practice that organize around topics of common interest and design their own exploration/projects to support authentic learning and leadership. So many possibilities for creativity and collaboration! I-Teams are open to all, regardless of whether you attended the Summer Institute or not. Contact hours will be available to I-Team participants.

Virtual Visits

Educators are invited to take two virtual field trips to learn from and be inspired by schools at different phases in their journey to “making learning irresistible.”

On Nov 15 from 4:30-6:00 pm, Steve Shaprio, Emmy Beeson, Kathy Meyer and Ellen Erlanger will serve as guides for a special Zoom session as participants “travel” to Eminence Independent Schools in KY to meet again with Buddy Berry.

Then on May 9 from 4:30-6:00 pm, our hosts will take us to NE Ohio where participants will meet with teachers and administrators from Tallmadge City Schools. Tallmadge has been working with Partnerships to transform their district for the last several years.

Be sure to register for both of these free events:

Professional Learning

Partnerships offers both virtual and onsite professional learning opportunities for individuals as well as school districts wanting to expand their work in authentic learning and leadership.

“Making Learning Irresistible” is a virtual workshop that focuses on collaborative design for service-learning and project based learning. It’s a great next step for those who attended the Summer Institute. Reach out to to talk about how you can bring this unique professional learning to your school.

“Engaging Hearts and Minds” is an online workshop that helps participants explore authentic learning through a series of informative and emotionally engaging films/videos. Our next workshop is FREE and begins on January 24th.

Administrators wanting to know more about how Partnerships can build district-wide professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators that align with district vision and goals should contact

For the full details of all of the “Now What?’ activities and complete registration information, click here.


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