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How does this work support administrators?

If school leaders want to see authentic instructional strategies such as service-learning become a systemic approach that is sustained over time, leadership decisions, communication and internal operations need to transform as well. Our work helps school leaders create a shared vision for education that builds ownership for the work and allows it to live in the school far beyond the leader’s tenure.

What challenges do you help educators overcome?

For starters, our method offers varied opportunities that accommodate a diverse population of students who all learn differently. Secondly, authentic learning opportunities transform students into versatile and engaged lifelong learners by instilling the values of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and empathy.

Why are these methods more impactful than ever?

Because the world is changing! A diverse education focused not just on fundamentals like reading or math—but on complex skills like teamwork and problem-solving—sets students up for optimal success, and ultimately, impacts communities as young people carry these skills beyond the school and into the future.

What are service-learning and project based learning?

Engaging teaching methods that inspire students to develop authentic products and services for authentic audiences and clients. Students are “learning for a purpose” that matters to them and to others. They use their academic knowledge and skills, as well as their own gifts and passions, to have real impact NOW!

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Our Method Makes a Difference

Academics are enhanced by integrating social-emotional learning and community impact.

Educators who seek to address student agency and engagement, academic achievement, career exploration, or even aspects of social-emotional learning, find methods that take current practices and enrich them without adding "another" teaching program to their plates.

"Thank you for opening my eyes to a whole new perspective for teaching. I love the values and resources you've shared with us."

Amanda Crosby, Hastings Middle School

Promotes Collaboration


Deepens Understanding



Results of Authentic Instruction

Join us at the 2024 Summer Institute!

Want to create “beautiful work” and help “make learning irresistible”? Join us for two inspiring days filled with hope, creativity, collaboration, and innovation where we:​ reimagine education, reconnect with the joy of teaching, and empower students to change the world!

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