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We Offer These Services:


A discovery process that helps schools/districts uncover their shared vision for education and build capacity for implementation and sustainability.

Community Outreach Services

Provide a connection between community agencies and schools engaging in authentic learning strategies. Empower students to be changemakers in their neighborhoods today!

Professional Development

Facilitation of authentic instructional strategies and leadership development that is enjoyable and interactive. All professional development has a product focus and a plan for action.

Youth Leadership Development

When students find passion and purpose in their work, they are ready to make a difference. Through youth leadership activities students are empowered and their skills and confidence are raised.


Real time coaching support for teachers implementing authentic instructional strategies. And executive coaching support to help leaders build actions steps toward change.

Curriculum Development

Learn ways to incorporate authentic learning strategies with the academic content standards.

Graduate/CEU Courses

Learn with like-minded educators from multiple districts. Engage in inspiring collaboration and develop work that can be used right away.

And More!

All support is customized to meet the needs/goals/and desired outcomes of the educators we serve.


Encouraging administrators to lead with vision.
Inspiring teachers to engage hearts and minds.
Empowering students to become experts and changemakers.

Learn how our customized programming inspires educators to prepare students for the “real world” with more diverse and applicable skills, greater confidence, and deeper empathy and insight. By providing authentic learning opportunities, schools can expect gains in academic achievement, social-emotional learning, student engagement, and community involvement.


Making Learning Irresistible With TEACHERS

Discover newfound inspiration and help students find meaning in their learning.

Our Commitment To You:

We will guide you toward new strategies that bring your curriculum to life—with rigor, relevance and relationships at the center. Our methods help students learn and retain knowledge by “doing the work of real people.” By the end, you will have empowered them to make a positive difference in their own life, school, community and even the world at large.

“Thank you both for giving me the start when I needed it and keeping me going over the years. You both make a difference in so many lives and mine is just one."

Molly Miely, Teacher at Jones Middle School

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