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Innovation in Teaching and Learning Doesn’t Have to be Done on Your Own!

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Join an I-Team in 2023-2024! CEUs available!

“I-Teams validated our thinking, provided individual guidance, and created connections among our group.” Cat Madden, Teacher, Tallmadge Elementary School

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I-Teams are FREE groups of like-minded educators from all over Ohio and beyond who wish to make shifts in practice through the power of collaboration, dialogue, and networking. I-Teams meet virtually and monthly for about 45 minutes. They inspire the shifts you’re making, generate ideas, and support next steps and learning about the topics that define authentic learning. Sign up for one or more below! Facilitators of I-Teams have passion for and expertise with their respective topics. Email them for more details or questions! RSVP today to hold your spot!


Service-Learning: Empowering Students to Become “Experts and Changemakers”

Facilitator: Ellen Erlanger, Partnerships for Authentic Learning and Leadership |

Service-learning is about solving real-world problems through engaging learners with and in the community. Learners gain critical and creative thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills as they tackle the big questions that need insight in their communities. Learn more, feel inspired, and talk to others who have a passion for service-learning.


Keeping it Real! PBL in Big and Small Ways

Facilitator: Linda Amici, Westerville City Schools |

Planning a PBL or working through one and want to bounce ideas off others who also love PBL? This I-Team is all about keeping it real through PBL and supporting your PBL projects no matter your experience level!


Keeping it Real! Multi-Sensory Structured Literacy Facilitators: Theresa Knapp and Lisa Hamm, Olentangy Schools | and Innovative structured literacy approaches abound! This team will collaborate and explore ways to engage learners in structured literacy activities in relevant, authentic ways.


Agents of Change in the Elementary Classroom Facilitator: Sarah Pence, Worthington Schools |

How do we prepare learners for a world that is constantly changing? How can we foster empathy and willingness to take action in order to make a difference in the world? This team explores the practical ways K-5 teachers promote voice, choice, and agency in student learning to advocate for more meaningful, relevant, practical learning that inspires students to make a difference.


Get Out! Go Outside! Outdoor Learning Opportunities Await! Facilitator: Sara Courie, Tallmadge City Schools |

Outdoor learning has a long history, but it’s not done on a wide scale- yet! Discuss ideas for outdoor learning with others who have an interest in breaking down the barriers of space to facilitate maximum learning and to cultivate interest in and passion for being and learning outdoors.


Fostering Civic Agency Through Creativity Facilitator: Jen Lehe, Columbus Museum of Art |

Creativity is often linked to problem-solving, innovation, disruption, and cultural expression. For these reasons and more, it has enormous potential to help students transform their communities and lives in a complex and uncertain world. Collaborate to explore how to use creativity to empower students as agents imagining and building a better world.


Small Step + Small Step! Leaders Making Small Steps for Change Facilitator: Emmy Beeson, Partnerships for Authentic Learning and Leadership |

Discuss the strategies that have led to small steps for big change. Explore the principles of leading for authentic learning in practical ways.


Generative AI Tools for Teaching: Let’s Figure it Out! Facilitators: Kristin Bourdage and Linda Amici, Olentangy and Westerville Schools |

Interested in learning more about the ways generative AI supports the planning processes of authentic learning? Whether you’re keen on surprises and delights, PBL, service learning, personalized learning, and/or learner agency, this group will explore several teacher-friendly generative AI tools and acquire a skill in prompt engineering to maximize generative AI!


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