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2023 Summer Institute for Authentic Learning and Leadership: Numbers Tell the Story

If you weren’t at the 2023 Summer institute on July 19-20, you missed a great two days dedicated to transforming the student experience through authentic learning and leadership strategies. Please take a moment to view our Institute video to get a sense of what it was like to be there! Thanks to GP Creative for producing a video that really captures the spirit of the event.

By the numbers . . .

  • 497 educators striving to enhance the student experience through authentic learning and leadership;

  • 112 presenters/co-presenters sharing innovative strategies designed to engage students in deep and lasting learning;

  • 52 urban, suburban, and rural school districts and organizations bringing teams of teachers and administrators to learn, share, and plan;

  • 8 generous sponsors supporting the goals of the Summer Institute; and

  • 6 dynamic keynote presenters inspiring us to listen to student voice; personalize learning; provide authentic experiences to help students pursue their dreams; Re-discover, Re-engage, and Re-imagine what’s possible for the future of education; and appreciate the power of a shared vision/voice.

We know that while many educators strive toward authentic learning in their classrooms, it takes systemic change around a shared vision for entire organizations to transform.

The Summer Institute is designed to play a part in providing educators the tools they need to do this valuable work. We sincerely thank our participants, presenters, and sponsors for their commitment and support!

It is our sincere hope that the Summer Institute for Authentic Learning and Leadership will always be a benefit to educators and their professional practice. We know we all have a “teacher heart” that needs to be fed and fueled regardless of our title.

We hope you’ll choose to attend the 2024 Summer Institute to fill your heart, challenge your mind, and refresh your purpose. We’ll be sending out “Save the Date” information in the near future.


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