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“Math Magicians” Update – Discovering Solutions Together

Updated: 2 days ago

In our November newsletter, we shared the story of “Math Magicians” – an exciting new partnership that connects AP Calculus students from Upper Arlington High School (OH) with 3rd and 4th graders from neighboring Tremont Elementary School.

math magicians logo

Co-created by teachers from both schools, this innovative program is designed to enhance math appreciation and confidence, reinforce shared curriculum standards, nurture divergent thinking, build positive relationships, and develop collaboration and leadership skills.

These are ambitious goals, to be sure, especially in the first year of a new program.


So, how did things go? In a word, magically!


Comments from students, teachers, parents, and administrators have been universally glowing.

"We enjoyed doing math and solving some challenging problems together! Our favorite part of the videos was that they were very entertaining and funny. The Super Bowl Math was really fun and it stretched our brains. The skit you put together was amazing and we loved being able to split into groups when we visited the High School." Sylvia, 3rd Grade Student
"This year, we really loved all the fun math games, skits, and videos you put together for us. Thank you to the AP Calculus and 3rd grade teachers for helping create Math Buddies." Jack, 3rd Grade Student

Participants loved visiting each other’s buildings and developing friendships throughout the year. Together, they tackled a variety of real-world math challenges and had lots of fun in the process.

High school students embraced their roles as mentors, helping their elementary buddies discover new ways to embrace math, and preparing them to lead special math games with kindergarteners and 1st graders in May. In return, elementary students led many of the icebreaker activities that occurred whenever the groups were together.

Four joint sessions were held, each based on specific math concepts. At the final gathering on May 15, participants were proud to wear the “Math Magicians” t-shirts they had requested.

Special logos were designed by UAHS student Joe Matre, who is enrolled in both AP Calculus and Visual Arts. The logos were also used to create stickers for the students’ laptops. 


Not surprisingly, “Math Magicians” is already a “go” for next year. Now, other interested teachers will be invited to explore how this program model could be applied to their subject areas and/or grade levels. Partnerships staff members Kathy Meyer and Ellen Erlanger will be available to assist as needed with planning and implementation.


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