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I-Teams Provide Opportunities for Collaboration and Support

Updated: Feb 12

The 2023-2024 I-Teams, comprising over 30 educators from across the state, have been busy thinking about and creating authentic learning experiences with broad topics such as learner agency, creativity, generative AI, leadership and multi-sensory literacy.

The Leading Innovation I-Team is one great example of what can be gained through this type of learning experience. This I-Team, which is led by Partnerships’ Executive Director Emmy Beeson, takes full advantage of opportunities to support each other. As they ask questions and share ideas with one another, they work to identify the conditions leaders can create to help adults move forward toward more authentic learning.

One participant summarized what the experience has been for her:

"Building, district, and ESC leaders are coming together to ask questions and share examples of small steps leaders can take to foster innovation. One of the perks of our time together is our growing list of resources. We are glad to share and hope others will find some nuggets of wisdom here as well."

Some of the valuable resources this I-team have been sharing with each other include:

Additionally, some I-Teams are currently crafting proposals for the July 2024 Summer Institute for Authentic Learning and Leadership. Hooray! Their goal is to create “beautiful work,” which just so happens to be the theme for the 2024 conference.


If you're interested in joining an I-Team, please connect with Kristin Bourdage, I-Team Coordinator, at

I-Teams are always: virtual, joyful, and collaborative!


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